Add the Xenia portage overlay

The Xenia portage overlay includes multiple tools such as foxsnapshot to be used on a Xenia system.

For development reasons (or to create a Xenia root image), the repository can be added to a Gentoo or Xenia system.

Xenia specific steps

If Xenia Linux is being used, first sync the Gentoo repositories:


The command emerge-webrsync is used here as it will fix issues with using emerge in the next step.


Next, mount /usr as read-write:

mount -o rw,remount /usr

Installing eselect-repository

Install eselect-repository:

emerge -va eselect-repository

Add the overlay

First, add the overlay:

eselect repository add xenia-overlay git

And sync it:

emaint sync --repo xenia-overlay

Remounting /usr

Now you need to remount /usr as read-only:

mount -o ro,remount /usr


Allowing live ebuilds

In their current state, most fox-utils are only available as live ebuilds.

To allow emerge to use these, add the following to /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/xenia:

xenia-tools/* **