Updating the system

Prerequisites for 0.4 Velox

On 0.4, the update utility foxupdate will not be installed.

First, install the Xenia overlay.

Next, run the following command to install foxupdate:

mount -o rw,remount /usr
emaint sync --repo xenia-overlay
emerge -va1 foxupdate foxcommon # emerge foxcommon here in-case you have an older version installed

First-time setup

First, run foxupdate:


You will be run through a number of prompts.

  • repository: This is the URL where the root images are hosted. Unless you are testing your own images, leave this as the default.

  • flavour: This is what flavour (init system, desktop environment) will be used. As of 0.5, only gnome-systemd will be provided.

  • release_branch: This is what release you want to download. Either use current for a stable, tested point release or unstable to get the latest features.

  • date: Almost always leave this as latest. This is a future provision for allowing specific dated releases to be installed (and is sometimes used in unstable for testing).

foxupdate will now show an output showing your choices:

[INFO] Config setup!


Repository: https://repo.xenialinux.com/releases/
Flavour: gnome-systemd
Release branch[sub-branch]: unstable[next]

Run foxupdate -u to update!

If you would like to change these later, run foxupdate -c


To update, simply run the following:

foxupdate -u

foxupdate will only replace the existing root once it has fully downloaded the new one, and when done backs up the existing root to root.img.bak.

If an unexpected event occurs where the new image is not bootable, follow the Troubleshooting section here.